What if you knew about each hot cryptocurrency, right before it became hot?

Cryptolazza is a system that crawls the whole web, in real time, and tabulates interest in each different cryptocurrency. It then applies a proprietary AI to predict price movements from that, and notifies you when a currency suddenly spikes in interest.

Cut through the noise in the cryptocurrency news and get specific, actionable information!

Cryptolazza is in closed beta at the moment, but if you leave your e-mail, we'll get back to you as we increase the number of beta testers.

Pure fundamentals

Cryptolazza lets you perform fundamental analysis on cryptocurrencies. It gives you hard data on the underlying factors that determine the eventual price:

  1. Demand for the product backed by the currency.
  2. Development velocity and ability to deliver on promises.

This lets your trades lead the market, rather than reacting to price moves that are already underway and getting caught flat-footed in a reversal.

It also allows long-term investing strategies where you pick a few winners that are delivering on their promises and have growing communities of happy users, and hold them until the rest of the world catches on. Great for the current bear market where many currencies are low-priced and thinly traded!

Predicted recent BAT & MKR run-ups.

Both the recent 100% run-up in BAT and 140% run-up in MKR were predicted by web & social media activity 1-2 weeks before the price run-ups. Our software noticed that users unaffiliated with these projects were increasingly mentioning them in conversation, and awareness was spreading virally.

Over 290,000 sources

By collecting a large variety of sources, we:

  1. Make sure that we catch newly-hot smallcap coins, which often have the best profit potential.
  2. Avoid falling victim to shills or pump & dump schemes.

We cross-check activity by author and by site, to filter out shilling, spam, and astroturf campaigns, and use our large sample size to get statisically accurate predictions.